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ze™, pronounced “eyes,” was founded with a simple mission in mind: Provide premium and affordable eyewear that truly makes a difference.

We are techies, gamers, and midnight phone-swipers that have all experienced the side effects of excessive and light night blue light exposure: sore eyes, itchy eyes, problems focusing your vision, difficulty falling asleep, and grogginess in the morning. Yes, we’ve been there!

All of the anti-blue light eyewear out there either seemed to cost a fortune (sometimes over $300!) or look like they were made for robots! That’s when we decided to step in and make some fashionable and functional anti-blue light glasses that won’t break the bank. It’s what we needed, and we hope it’s exactly what you wanted too!

We are also a proud supporter of See International and their mission to provide free cataract surgery and education. Cataracts causes a third of the worlds blindness and affects over 60 million people worldwide. That’s why every time you buy a pair of Ize™glasses, we donate to See International.

It’s not complicated. We just want awesome eyewear and healthy eyes for everyone!